My mum has a magic potion that makes my clothes soft and fragrant

By: - 22nd August 2019

“My mum says I am like a flower, soft and sweet – she says everything I wear needs to be just like me too… she says she always wants to cuddle me."

Your little child is soft and fluffy as a cloud and you work tirelessly to take care of and protect your newborn. A mum will never think twice about giving the best nutrients for their little flower, and to keep their little baby healthy, clean, soft and sweet. Even a little mark made by a rough thread in their baby’s clothes will sadden a mum’s tender heart. She will not only do her best to give comfort to the little one but will also make sure her baby is clean.

How can a mum ensure a soft, clean, gentle environment for her little one?

Although your little one will not have too much dirt on them, they still need to stay fresh and active throughout the day. Not to mention being clean will also help them sleep tight. One of the most important components to ensure this is the clothes that are used to dress and cover the newborn. The materials that mums use to make baby clothes are generally soft, but with constant use, even these soft clothes will end up becoming rough. A mom needs to make sure that she can keep these clothes soft and tender for as long as possible in order to keep giving comfort to her little one. This is why you need to pay extra attention when washing your newborn’s clothes.

The truth is cleaning and washing baby clothes is not as simple or straight forward as washing adult clothes. You need to take extra care to not only wash the clothes properly but also ensure safety. Safety is not only about keeping harmful bacteria away, but also preventing baby clothes from becoming rough.

How to wash your little one’s clothes?

Keep two separate bowls to store used nappies. One bowl should be used to keep nappies that are soiled with motion, while the other for other used nappies. When you are washing the nappies, it is important to wash them twice – once to clean them from urine or motion and the second time in clean water. After you have done this, select a liquid detergent that it is friendly for your child’s soft skin. It is important to use liquid detergent and not a detergent powder, as the latter could have particles that remain in clothes if they are not washed properly and could be uncomfortable for your baby.

How do you select liquid detergent that is baby skin-friendly?

When selecting liquid detergent to use for your baby’s clothes, you need to make sure that you select a product from a brand that is trusted in excellence for children's products, and a brand that will help clean your baby’s nappies, clothing and other material. If you select a liquid detergent from Baby Cheramy can create an extra soft experience for your little one.

Baby Cheramy’s liquid detergent has been specifically designed keeping your little one’s skin and health in mind. It has extremely safe antibacterial properties that kill all unwanted bacteria. It also ensures that your little one’s clothes are bright, clean, stain-free, fragrant and do not discolor. Baby Cheramy’s liquid detergents make sure all dirt and bacteria are washed away from your little one’s clothes and make wearing these clothes a soft and gentle experience. Your little one who is soft as a flower will also now have soft and smooth clothes through the magic of Baby Cheramy liquid detergent. So why not mum? Choose softness, cleanliness and comfort for your little one.

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