Things to know about your newborn baby’s safety

By: - 26th February 2019

A pregnant mother provides her utmost care to protect the little darling growing inside her womb throughout 40 weeks. She will be giving up certain foods and drinks, outings and parties just for the safety of her baby. Days and weeks shall pass, the angel will be in your arms, and now you have to protect her even more than you did during the 40 weeks she was in your womb. Although a stranger to this new environment, the little darling will steadily grow like a blossoming flower. We, as parents, are the ones who are responsible for their safety. This is why we decided to talk further about the safety of a newborn baby.

Did you burp the baby?

When a little darling has drunk a bellyful of milk, she can fall asleep easily. However, one thing that worries the mothers is not being able to properly burp the baby. Few years ago, the doctor’s advice was to put the baby to sleep face down or sideways when the burps refuse to come. However, according to the latest findings of researchers, sleeping face down or sideways actually has a higher risk of danger. The reason behind this is that when a child hasn’t burped and is sleeping face down, his stomach gets pressed causing him to vomit. If the vomit enters the nose, not being able to breathe can even put the child’s life in danger. Therefore, it is recommended to always burp the baby and put her to sleep on her back.

Where does the baby sleep

Mothers need to think more about the things that they usually keep in babies’ cots and beds. When the little darlings are sleeping, mothers want to make it more snug and warm for them and therefore cover them with sheets, placing pillows all around. As babies usually have a very hard grip on things and do not easily let go, it won’t take a long time for them to grab the pillows and blankets and to put them over their faces. If unfortunately, the child is unable to move them away from his face, it could suffocate him, causing even death. Mothers nowadays are very busy people. Therefore, it is important to minimize risks as much as possible. So, please ensure that there aren’t any small, light pillows and soft sheets within your little one’s reach.

Take caution when bathing the baby.

Most bathrooms today are tiled, and therefore, the chances of slipping are more. When bathing and washing your baby, a simple misstep can cause to slip and fall. Therefore, always wear anti-slip slippers and keep a highly absorbent rug outside. When the baby is in the tub, never turn your back or leave her alone.

Hair hazards

There are so many unexpected situations in life that can put us in danger. One strand of long hair is enough to cause so much trouble. Little darlings are fascinated by mothers’ and grandmothers’ hair and love to pull and play with them. However, in such an instance, there is risk involved if a hair gets entangled in little one’s hands or legs. When a strand of hair gets tightly tied around baby’s hands or legs, the blood supply could be obstructed causing Ischemia (a restriction in blood supply to the tissues, causing a shortage of oxygen which is needed for cellular metabolism). Therefore, do remember to always tie your hair before you take the baby.

Be careful about the toys.

Little children inspect everything by first putting them in the mouth. Rattles and other toys that you give to your baby may contain easily removable parts which your little one could choke on. Therefore, always consider the safety aspect of the toys you buy for your children.

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