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Teach your Child the Importance of Respecting Others

17th September 2019

We all love to be respected, it is in our nature. It is not just humans, even animals like being treated with respect. As time flies fast and your little one grows up, remember that each and every good value and lesson that you sow…

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Is your child snoring at bedtime?

10th September 2019

More than 10% of children snore during their sleep. This is due to blockages that occur at the back end of their mouth which connects to the respiratory tract opening. The opening and closing of the respiratory tract cause the tissues in the throat to…

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What did you pack in your little one’s Montessori lunch box today mum?

22nd August 2019

As parents, you always want to give your little ones the best of everything. So what will you give your precious little baby as they start going to Montessori and starts learning to eat and drink on their own? At this age, your little one…

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What happens when your child is malnourished?

22nd August 2019

  Parents dream of a healthy, smart and beautiful child from the time they are conceived. After they are born to this world, a mum gives them all her love and feeds her precious one with breast milk. Every mum and dad want to give…

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Why does your little child wet the bed at night?

10th May 2019

Little children wetting the bed at night is a natural occurrence. If a child is less than 7 years old, you should not think too much of this. Each child is different, so there is no hard and fast rule saying that they need to…

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Important Life Lessons to Teach Your Children to Light up their Tomorrows.

8th May 2019

“කරුණාව සමග හොඳහිත පතුරන්න ලෝකයේ සැම කෙරේ...හැමදාම ඉන්න පුලුවනි සතුටින්ම ලෝකයේ” You may have heard the lyrics of this Sinhala song in your childhood. Loosely translated it convey a beautiful message. “ Share your kindness and good will with the whole world, So that you…

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Let’s make brushing teeth fun for kids.

4th April 2019

“Open your mouth sweetie… How to brush your teeth otherwise” “It hurts so much... I don’t want to brush my teeth... Let me go please... grandma please come and rescue me!” The grandmother who has been smiling and listening to her 2 year old grandson’s…

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How to recognize symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children?

21st March 2019

For parents, children are the greatest treasure. However, there are situations in which parents need to commit their time and effort to handle certain health complications the children may have. Especially when it comes to mental conditions, parents need to be well informed and also…

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Bumped baby’s head… what should you do now?

27th February 2019

A house with a child is always busy. It is natural for them to be mischievous, loud, and chaotic. It is difficult to prevent accidents and they cannot be easily brushed off. This is why everyone who lives in a household with children has to…

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Here’s why you should foster good reading habits in your children

26th February 2019

Children are a gift from the heavens. Not only must you nurture them with love and care, you must also strive to foster intelligence and wisdom in them. Encourage them to learn with curiosity and passion for their own benefit in the future. Learning is…

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