Let’s make brushing teeth fun for kids.

By: - 4th April 2019

“Open your mouth sweetie… How to brush your teeth otherwise”

“It hurts so much... I don’t want to brush my teeth... Let me go please... grandma please come and rescue me!”

The grandmother who has been smiling and listening to her 2 year old grandson’s wailing couldn’t help feeling sad. She went tobthe bathroom unable to listen to the child’s cries anymore.

“Why are you crying? You are a big boy now... It’s not nice to cry when brushing teeth”

“It hurts me”

“This is how it is everyday Amma”

“Give, Aththamma will brush your teeth”

“Ok, now say eeeee my darling. Grandma is going to drive a car on your teeth now. Broom broom... Right, now the car is going to go inside. Open your mouth will you please”

“Ok… Now we are going to go under the tongue broom broom”

“Right, now let’s wash your mouth and body so we can finish up”

Nirasha looked on amazed at how her son was allowing his teeth to be brushed with such obedience to his grandmother. The little darling who puts up a fight every day when it’s time to brush teeth has already brushed his teeth and came out of the bathroom, singing.

“Amma, seems like you have great experience in brushing teeth of fussy children”

“Of course i have experience brushing yours and your brother’s teeth”

“Were we also like this Amma?”

“No, i didn’t let you both cry like that. You went willingly and happily to brush your teeth, both in the morning and at night”

“So tell me your secret Amma…”

“Little ones love to listen to stories, and to play. So do one of their favourite activities when brushing teeth. Even if they don’t like brushing, just because they want to listen to a favourite story or play a fun game, they will definitely come to brush teeth”

“Pay attention to the tooth brush you use as well. Children usually don’t like brushing teeth because it hurts. So, choose a soft tooth brush that won’t hurt the little one’s gums”

“I was also wondering about the toothbrush. When my son got his first milk teeth, I started using a soft cloth to clean his teeth and later, a small brush made of Silicon that I wore on my finger. Between month 9 and 1 year, I started using a brush. This tooth brushing war only started after that!”

“Yes, some children get about 20 teeth by age 1 and therefore, you do need to use a brush. There are tooth pastes and tooth brushes especially made for children that you can buy from the market. When brushing teeth, many little kids swallow the toothpaste. Some children like the taste of toothpaste. Therefore, they like to try different toothpastes with different flavours. Nowadays, there are toothbrushes with pretty patterns. However, it is best to ask your dentist about the most suitable toothpaste for your child”

“It’s nice when Aththamma brushes my teeth” The grandson sweetly threw his arms around the grandmother’s neck and gave her a kiss.

“If you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth will decay and look bad. This is why you must brush your teeth in the morning and at night”


“Nirasha, when we went to the dental clinic last week, we got a leaflet. Read it out loud please so I and little darling can hear”

Let’s brush kids’ teeth in the correct way.

  • Choose a soft toothbrush made especially for little children.
  • To be able to properly brush teeth, the fibres should be of the same height.
  • When brushing teeth, all surfaces of your teeth should be cleaned thoroughly. The side of the teeth you chew from, inner side, outer side, and between teeth should all be cleaned well.
  • When brushing teeth, point the fibres towards the gum line and then, move the brush in circular motion, from top to bottom on the upper teeth and in the opposite direction on the lower teeth.
  • The chewing surface can be brushed by circular strokes.
  • When brushing teeth, clean the gums, the roof of the mouth, and the tongue
  • For a small child, toothpaste the amount of a Mung bean is sufficient.
  • Up until age 7, it is ideal if the brushing of the teeth is done under the supervision of the mother or any adult.
  • It is very important to make sure children don’t swallow the toothpaste.
  • At the age when 3 or 4 teeth start to appear, you can introduce the tooth brush to your child.
  • Do not squeeze the tube to get toothpaste, but open the lid and just rub the toothbrush on the tip of the tube to get just enough toothpaste.

“There you go, that’s all the things you need to know”

“Right, let’s try brushing son’s teeth tonight using Amma’s instruction as well as the ones in the leaflet”

Dishanthi Wedage

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