Pay attention to these simple tips to take care of your mental & physical well-being during pregnancy

By: - 22nd August 2019

Pregnancy is a great blessing for many women. However, during this time it is common for pregnant mothers to experience physical and mental exhaustion. This is the norm, but through it all an expectant mother will bear her little baby inside of her, with a smile in her heart, waiting impatiently for the day she gets to finally see the face of her very own bundle of joy. All the troubles and woes of pregnancy will disappear when a mum sees her newborn baby’s face, like how the morning dew disappears at the first hint of sunlight.

Through all the challenges of pregnancy, it is still important for you to take care of yourself during the nine months of your pregnancy, here are some tips to stay beautiful and radiant.

Maintain physical cleanliness

However, exhausted you may be, maintaining your physical cleanliness is vital as it will help keep both you and your unborn baby healthy. It is of utmost importance that you do not neglect your personal hygiene. Not only will you stay healthy, but this will also help you stay beautiful. Many people feel a special attachment to pregnant mums, who are pleasant and clean. So it’s important to maintain your cleanliness at the highest level.

Stay organised

This isn't a tip only for a pregnant woman – staying organized is something that we should all aim for, to enhance our lives. A woman who stays organised will definitely be recognised. The exhaustion that comes during pregnancy is so overwhelming that sometimes it makes it impossible to even think of staying organized. However, by keeping on at it and sticking to a routine, this will make life much easier for you in the long run. So next time you are tempted to just leave clothes hanging idly or to just leave your hair messy and ungroomed, think again. Because even though it might be tough to stay organised, keep on doing so and stay beautiful.

Select tasteful pregnancy attire

The fashion that you normally embrace will not be easy to follow now. In addition, the cosmetics you typically wear can be harmful to your baby so remember to check and avoid any cosmetics that have mercury as an ingredient. It is vital to discipline yourself in this manner for the sake of yourself and your baby

Since you will not be able to use cosmetics as usual, why not put more effort into selecting the right clothes. Traditional pregnant attires are rather tasteless, focusing only on comfort and are not flattering to your beauty. So take your time and select the right dresses that suit your tastes and shape. Select the right length and colours that look good on you. Also keep in mind that as your tummy grows, you will need dresses that can stretch and not be too tight. Being pregnant does not mean that you cannot be stylish. Also, make sure to pick out smart footwear to highlight your dress sense.

Stay mentally relaxed

Pregnancy can be tough on your mind. You can't wait to see your little bundle of joy’s face and that fills your heart with joy and expectations. However, various pregnancy-related complications cause changes in your body, which can be stressful and sometimes painful. Listening to delivery stories where some mums have suffered can create unnecessary fear and worry in you. These stress hormones can impact your beauty. The secret to having a relaxed and peaceful mind is making sure that you do not fill your mind with unwanted negative stories.

Pursue religious activities

Regardless of what religion you follow, each religion provides guidance towards receiving blessings. Pay attention to following religious activities. Whether you are pregnant or not, our thoughts are integral for inner peace, which enhances both our inner and outer beauty. Spiritual pursuits can bring us joy when we engage in such activities. This could benefit both you and your little one.

Plan healthy and nutritious meals

"Now things are different, you need to eat and drink properly as you are eating for two". This is standard advice that you will hear from many elders. There is no denying the truth that we should eat well as the nutrients that you consume will impact the nutrient intake of your little one and their growth. Fresh vegetables and fruits should now be essential components of your meals more than ever. If you suffer from iron or other nutrient deficiencies, this will also impact your health and beauty. So if you want to maintain your beauty and give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby make sure you pay attention to the food that you eat.

Engage in meditation

When you hear the word meditation, this generally has religious connotations. However, meditation is not just religion, but a practice that can help you find an emotional balance and peace within. Maintaining your emotional well-being is essential for you to stay happy and this will reflect on the outside as well. So as a pregnant mum, be sure to enhance your beauty by engaging in meditation.

Partake in regular exercise

Regular exercising during pregnancy will help you shape and tone your body as well as prepare you for childbirth. This does not mean that you need to work out vigorously – please do not overwork yourself! The best way to approach this is to speak to a doctor or a physiotherapist who will help you select an ideal routine for exercising as a pregnant mother, in order to stay fit and beautiful.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep

As the full term nears, pregnant women find it hard to enjoy a good night’s sleep. This adversely affects your physical beauty. The lack of sleep will increase signs of tiredness in your eyes and face and accentuate dark circles around the eyes. This will also impact your energy levels during the day. Do your best to identify how to get a good night’s sleep and ensure you sleep well.

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