Do you restrict your toddler’s outdoor play activities to avoid getting their clothes dirty?

22nd August 2019

We all know our little ones are mischief makers. Toddlers within the ages of 1 – 3 years are extremely active and constantly seeking new experiences in life. Curiosity and activity are one and the same for them and their top priority is to play…

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Fever is not an illness…what is it then?

9th May 2019

When your child suffers from a fever, your whole world tends to turn into chaos. However, it is important to know that fever is not a disease or illness. It’s a sign or a symptom that indicates that your body is suffering from an illness.…

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Life lessons you can teach your child through a vegetable basket

8th May 2019

Your little bundle of joy grows up fast! Now they are taking their first steps, mumbling their first words, sleeping less and pulling everything! They might even wander to the kitchen to have a curious peek at the vegetable basket. When they do this, don't…

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How do relationships bring happiness to a child’s life?

4th April 2019

It is true that your little one has her own little community that she feels close to. There could be close relatives and others who are close to your family. However, most parents are not keen about enabling an environment needed for children to really…

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Did you know that Anemia can hinder the overall development of a child?

21st March 2019

In new born children, the production of red cells does not begin until after a month. This can result in a mild anemic condition. This is called Physiologic or Normal Anemia. The condition gradually eases off once the red cell production eventually starts. What is…

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Which foods are great for a healthy development of your child’s brain?

27th February 2019

The brain is the most important part of the human body. It is vital to pay attention to the brain development of a child from the moment of conception. This is because a healthy development of a baby’s brain depends on the good nourishment of…

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Let’s learn about stammering in children who are just learning to speak

5th February 2019

Parents wait impatiently to hear the words Amma or Thaththa from the lips of their little darling who is growing by the day. All these hopes will be blown away if there is a speech delay or a defect. However, if we identify these complications…

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What can you to do support your child’s brain development?

3rd January 2019

The brain is the main control center of our amazing human body. It is crucial for the growth of a newborn and other vital aspects such as cognitive, perceptual, and personality development. In this article, we will discuss the unparalleled qualities of the human brain,…

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What are the things to prepare when taking your toddler out?

18th December 2018

Every mother and father loves to take their little darlings and go places. Especially dads love to show them different things and to introduce them to the nature at a very young age. These experiences are truly precious. However, taking our little ones out requires…

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Are you informed about Urinary Tract Infection in children?

14th November 2018

Even the slightest discomfort of children causes much concern for the parents, and therefore, they commit themselves to make sure that the little darling is happy and healthy at all times. However, it is possible that children fall sick at unexpected times and in unexpected…

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